SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA CLIMATE ACTION - Supported by Your Local Business Community



The membership card that saves money and Earth. Buy the card today and enjoy discounts at participating San Francisco stores. Help reduce carbon emissions. Join us!

We have five broad store categories: Walk/Run - Bike/Skate - Efficient/EV - Greenery/Organic - Reuse/Local. Members can choose to shop any combination of stores that suit their needs. Participating stores are San Francisco Bay Area based.


Walk/Run: A Runner's Mind, Footprint, Good Feet, On The Run, See Jane Run, Fog City Run

Bike/Skate: Fresh Air Bicycles, American Cyclery, Skates on Haight, San Francisco Skate Club, Freewheel Bike Shop, Outspoken Bike Rentals, CityRide Bike Rentals

Efficient/EV: Segway SF Bay, Ocean Sash & Door, Ebikelane, Batteries + Bulbs, San Francyclo

Greenery/Organic/Natural: The Plant Cafe Organic, Roots, Clement Nursery, Noe Valley Wine Merchants, Plant Warehouse, Ingenious Salon, Design Like Whoa, Suchada Herbal Spa, ReLive Spa

Reuse/Local: Fix My Phone SF, Frank's Shoe Repair, Sunset Shoe Repair, Action Rentals, Gaslight & Shadows Antiques, Heart of Gold, Wallflower, Union Music Co., Love Haight Computers, Fog City Leather, Sweet Memory, West Portal Shoe Service, Mobile Fix, Al's Attire, Green 11, Eagle Club Indoor Golf, The Golden Hour, Panhandle Guitars


Members also enjoy recycle collection service. Sustainable Race utilizes a zero-emission Nissan LEAF to collect clothing/food donations and/or ewaste. Annual Sustainable Race membership costs only $21.75 per person. Tax included.


We provide a zero-emission (Nissan LEAF) delivery service for SF member donations (clothing and/or food) to St. Anthony's. Please use the contact form to schedule a collection. Your donation receipt will be emailed to you. If you prefer to donate to a different SF organization, please specify in the contact message.



We will provide a zero-emission (Nissan LEAF) collection service for SF member electronic waste, starting Feb. 15. Please use the contact form to schedule a collection.


Free items for members. Take what you need (limit 3 items per month). Give what you can (swap/donate clothing/ewaste). Use the contact form to schedule a delivery/collection.

Sustainable Race T-Shirt

Member receives a Sustainable Race t-shirt after first clothing/food donation and/or ewaste collection. Jack will pick up your items and drop off your 100% cotton t-shirt.

Thanks for going the extra mile!

Please specify t-shirt size on contact form when scheduling collection.

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