Electric Cars Pros and Cons

Photo courtesy of the Department of Energy 2013 LEAF at Washington Auto Show Electric Cars Pros and Cons
Photo courtesy of the Department of Energy
2013 LEAF at Washington Auto Show
Electric Cars Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of electric cars are a hot debate these days due to the weak EV sales results in January.  Are EVs ready for prime time?  The answer is yes and no, depending on your perspective.

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Many of the early adopters were environmentalists and energy security advocates that wanted to purchase these cars for the pros:

  1. Zero emissions or reduced emissions, if 100% EV or hybrid EV respectfully
  2. Domestic electric energy to power the EV
  3. The simplicity and comfort of home EV charging
  4. The ongoing EV fuel savings and maintenance savings

These are the all-powerful pros of electric cars that EV enthusiasts espouse in varying combinations.  Read about the Electric Car Revolution at EV News Report

Electric car cons are:

  1. EVs are too expensive
  2. Range anxiety, the EV does not have a far enough range on a battery charge
  3. It takes too long to recharge an EV battery
  4. There is not enough public charging infrastructure
  5. The added expense of a home level II charging system
  6. There is no or not enough level II charging infrastructure or outlets at apartment/commercial parking lot
  7. EV technology needs more time to improve

All these electric car cons are being addressed, but they are going to take more time to fully rectify.  The EV revolution will gain speed as each electric car pro and con is magnified or reduced respectfully.  In the long-run, technology always seems to surprise on the upside.  As many have said, did you ever think that we would have such powerful computing on a small phone?  There are many more pros than cons coming to the future of electric cars.  We may not shrink future cars down to the size of an iPhone, but the iPhone will be doing a lot more communicating with the EV.

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