200,000 or Bust

We dedicate this effort to Carlos Ghosn. Keep going Carlos ...


Sustainable Race operates the highest mileage commercial LEAF currently active in San Francisco with 198,680 miles. The vehicle still operates on the original battery and brakes. This is the 2013 Nissan LEAF S. Yes, it has a fast charging port. The goal is 200,000 miles on the battery. Eight bars at present yields about 56 miles (2-23-20).


Sustainable Race has completed about 12,000 rideshares and 16,000 on-demand deliveries in the San Francisco Bay Area. This commercial activity is the lion's share of the total mileage. The vehicle is now limited to short haul deliveries due to the drop in range.


Some of those deliveries were done in Portland, Oregon, while exploring Portland. It was fairly difficult to drive from San Francisco to Portland in a 2013 LEAF due to the limited battery range. At the time the max range was about 72 miles (January 2018). Northern California still has sizable gaps between charging facilities.


Despite all the talk, California government has done little to expand fast charging stations. We are still heavily oil dependent. We still have awful air quality. And to be perfectly blunt, air quality in San Francisco is disgusting!


"By stifiling technological innovation, the SFMTA is the root of SF's climate action apathy. This is the time and place to fund the most advanced 21st century solutions, not the 19th century." - Jack Collins


Million Dollar Battery

The LEAF's battery range is dropping more quickly with age, making the battery a very valuable research piece. If interested, the battery can be purchased for $1,000,000. Serious inquiries only.


The vehicle should also be of great interest to collectors and historians in this age of climate change upheaval. Despite the great wealth in the Bay Area, climate change is largely ignored. Here, the gasoline guzzling SUV is the prize, even as king tide waters lap onto city sidewalks.


Sustainable Race Mile

We have grown disgusted with the lack of concern on climate change. Sustainable Race (the mile race) has been suspended. Despite the latest climate disasters, the public continues to drive, drive and drive climate change ...

King tide waters threaten San Francisco.
Sustainable Race photo.
King tide waters threaten San Francisco.