Jack Collins

San Francisco, CA


About Us

We operate the highest mileage commercial LEAF in the United States. Our goal of 200,000 all electric miles on the affordable LEAF S would be a major MILESTONE for the EV revolution.

Sustainable Race purchased its LEAF in early 2016 with 17,175 miles on the odometer. The vehicle was used but in excellent condition. Considering all DMV fees and taxes, the LEAF's upfront price was about $12,000.

From 2016, we set out on a mission to prove that an affordable electric car could reach 200,000 miles. That the dawn of a sustainable era was upon us. BUT, the USA surprised us with its lack of concern towards climate change.

Bad Policy

Jack Collins sees an economic collapse on the horizon due to US Treasury deficits and climate change. Relatively soon, the market will recognize that US bonds are not a safe haven.

Sustainability needs a political hero ...

We are San Francisco Bay Area climate action advocates, managing Sustainable Race Mile (running race). The race has been suspended due to poor air quality in San Francisco.


US economic collapse will come with two trillion plus annual fiscal deficits and severe damages due to climate change. Long end US Treasury yields will rise with escalating inflation.


Climate Change & Financial Security

Clearly investors are struggling to find a safe place for their savings. Negative interest rates and bitcoin are extreme examples. Such extremes typically do not end well for investors, taking history as our guide.

In times of turmoil, money runs back to the center, the US dollar. However, this collapse may be the last hurrah for the US dollar, as the future looks particularly bright for the highly competitive China.


Macro Inflation: Climate Change, US Debt Explosion, Federal Reserve Debt Monetization

As investors lose faith in central banks, gold and silver will become true money again. Timing an exit from US dollars is a judgement call on future inflation. Consider global temperatures, US fiscal/trade deficits and trust in the Federal Reserve.

Politically, the US has no will to head off an inflationary future. Money printing is the answer, until a dollar crisis.


Join us on this Inflationary Journey

We plan to update you soon on the macro variables.