Survey taken September 6 - October 30, 2015

One thousand participants ranked the importance of the sustainability items below, 1-10 (1 highest).

The survey was taken across San Francisco; however, the following locations dominated the geographic mix: Golden Gate Park, Mission District, Hayes Valley, Downtown, North Beach and Marina District. Only Bay Area adult residents were surveyed. The male/female mix was approximately split. The age range was primarily 20-60 (guesstimate), with a smattering of seniors.

The survey was completed on small double sided cards, avoiding online spoofing. Participant cards were collected within minutes. The entire survey process was completed by Sustainable Race CEO Jack Collins ensuring the highest integrity.

Participants were asked to pretend like they were the mayor and prioritize the list on the card to achieve sustainability. Community choice aggregation was briefly explained to the vast majority of participants. Some requested clarification on zero emissions zones, greenery and distributed solar.


1. Better faster transit 3.37

2. More greenery 4.697

3. More foot/bike only zones 4.945

4. More distributed solar 5.042

5. More protected bike lanes 5.15

6. Community choice aggregation 5.557

7. More bike/electric car shares 5.648

8. Inititate zero emissions zones 6.023

9. More electric vehicle charging options 6.827

10. Climate change warning labels at gas stations 7.741

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Current Scores (1 submitted)

Better faster transit Community choice aggregation Climate change warning labels at gas stations Inititate zero emissions zones More protected bike lanes More bike/electric car shares More electric vehicle charging options More foot/bike only zones More greenery More distributed solar
Total Scores 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Average Scores (1 submitted)

1. More electric vehicle charging options 0
2. More foot/bike only zones 0
3. More greenery 0
4. More distributed solar 0
5. More bike/electric car shares 0
6. More protected bike lanes 0
7. Community choice aggregation 0
8. Climate change warning labels at gas stations 0
9. Inititate zero emissions zones 0
10. Better faster transit 0